X-Factor reject Honey G launches merchandise line

X Factor cast off, Honey G has released a range official merchandise ahead of her debut single, launching today.

The wannabe singer has launched a line of branded mugs, bags and cuddly teddy bears, all emblazoned with her catchphrase: When I Say Honey, you say G.

Prices range from £4 for a Honey G mask to £40 for a bomber jacket.

The line is available via The Honey G Show Official Merchandise website, along with a collection of vests and t-shirts.

The range coincides with the launch of Honey G’s single The Honey G Show, with which she plans to ‘rip it up, tear it up.’

Earlier this week, Honey G tweeted: “Your girl’s new single ready to mash up your airways come Friday, and it’s gonna be MEGA #SHUTDOWN #TheHoneyGShow.”

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