Yo-Kai Watch rolls out 2017 strategy plans

With the launch of season two expected this April, the Yo-Kai Watch franchise now has the ambition to become the leading kid license of 2017.

This year will see Nintendo release the Yo-Kai Watch 3DS game, while Hasbro has developed a new toy line including the model of the Yo-Kai Watch toy and new collectable medals boasting Yo-motion technology.

Season two of the series will also air on free TV starting from early spring, which will introduce new Yo-Kai and a new version of the iconic Yo-Kai.

In addition, Wibble Wobble, a free-to-play mobile app developed by Level-5 will launch on iOS and Android, alongside two other Yo-Kai Watch apps.

Fans will also be able to enjoy Yo-kai Watch: The Movie this summer, while a street marketing plan will launch later in the year in September.

VIZ Media Europe hopes to continue building strong partnerships with key industry leaders to help bolster and expand the Yo-Kai Watch franchise.

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