With the entry forms now available for The Licensing Awards 2014 and the nomination process underway, we bring you the ‘easy guide' to entering the Awards.

Your easy guide to The Licensing Awards 2014

The first port of call for all things connected to The Licensing Awards is the website – www.thelicensingawards.co.uk – here you can have a laugh at the photo gallery, check out past winners, order tickets and oh yes, enter the Awards.

There are Awards categories covering retail, properties, products, marketing and the Honorary Achievement Award, each with their own entering procedure. Please also check the closing dates as these may differ for the different types of awards.

Believe us, entering isn’t complicated – and it’s free – but getting it right is important when it comes to maximising your chances, so here are some handy hints.

Don’t forget to follow The Licensing Awards on Facebook and Twitter (@licensingawards) for useful tips along the way (if your privacy settings are correct then any personal accounts won’t be visible) Any questions just call Bradly at kilogrammedia on 01279 778 919 or email bholdsworth@kilog.co.uk.

THE PRODUCT AWARDS – Closing date is Thursday, May 22nd 2014 – enter via a form which is downloadable from –

These awards are open to licensees (but licensors may enter products on behalf of licensees)

Download the entry form from the Awards’ website.

Use one form for each product (photocopying the blank form is fine)

Ensure all the products you plan to enter were introduced at retail in the UK between June 1st 2013 and May 31st 2014.

Entries should be licence-specific – i.e. based on one particular licence.

Entries should be for a licensed product range – if there is only one product in a category that will count as a ‘range’. So a ‘range’ can be a collection of books featuring the same licence from the same publisher, but can also be a standalone book. This applies to all the product categories.

The one exception to this is the Innovation Award. Products are entered as one licensed item. The item can also be entered in another category but a separate form should be completed as well as another sample be sent.

Make sure you enter the right category. For example fashion accessories should be entered under the gift category and NOT apparel – there is guidance on the form.

Entering can either be done by the licensee or the licensor (on behalf of the licensee).

Now list the names of the products in the range and the RRP’s – a maximum of five per range can be entered.

Don’t forget to enter the company name of the licensee, the name of the range and when it went into retail.


Finally, package up the products with the completed form and make sure they reach Max Publishing’s offices no later than Thursday, May 22nd 2014.

THE RETAILER AWARDS – Closing date is Friday,May 30th 2014 – Nominations can be made online or via a printable form. Both options can be found at –

The Retailer Awards categories are open to nominations from licensees and licensors.

Decide if you would prefer to nominate online or download the form.

Remember your nominations must reward the creativity and professionalism demonstrated by retailers in the last year – June 1st 2013 – May 31st 2014.

Consider the criteria:

• Nominees should be ‘bricks and mortar’ and/or online/mail order retailers of licensed products.
• The Radar Award is for retailers who have ‘come on the radar’ by upping their licensing activities in the last year.
• Nominees must trade in the UK.
• Nominees should excel in their commitment to licensed product, product selection, marketing, display, realising sales potential, retailing environment, customer care and online activity.

THE BEST LICENSED MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS AWARD – Closing date Friday, May 23rd 2014 enter online via –

This award is open to entries from licensors, licensees, retailers or third parties involved in the marketing initiative.

The nominated campaign can cover any kind of marketing communication including TV advertising, poster campaign, on pack promotion or sponsorship for any product or service related to a brand other than the licensed property itself and it can cover the promotion of a charity.

The award IS NOT for the promotion of a property itself, but rather the use of a property in association with an unrelated brand.

The campaign must have taken place between April 1st 2013 – April 1st 2014.

Consider the criteria:

• Creative use of the license (30%)
• Effectiveness of the campaign (30%)
• Quality of the execution (30%)
• Management of the partnership (10%)

When considering the campaign effectiveness demonstrate if possible any financial uplift the promoted brand experienced as a result of its association with the licensed property.

Remember to upload relevant visuals/footage.

THE HONORARY ACHIEVEMENT AWARD – Closing date Monday, June 30th 2014 enter online via –

This award is open to nominations from those involved in any aspect of the licensing industry.

This very special award is to acknowledge an individual (supplier or retailer) who has contributed greatly to the UK licensing industry.

Simply consider which industry colleague you feel deserves the award and why, then complete the online form, remember to give reasons for your nomination.

THE PROPERTY AWARDS – Closing date Monday, June 30th 2014 enter online via –

These awards are open to all licensors and brand owners.

The various categories each have their own online forms found under The Property Award heading in the How to Enter section of the Awards website.

Licensors may enter as many categories as are considered appropriate for their properties.

More than one property can be entered by a licensor in any given category but each property must have its own form.

The property can be from any medium but must have been active in licensing between June 1st 2013 and May 31st 2014 and demonstrated successful licensing activity in the last year.

THE EXCEPTION is the Best Classic property, which is judged on a property’s performance over at least the last decade.

So that’s it, but if you do have any further questions contact Ian Hyder at The Licensing Awards on 0207 700 6740 or email ianh@max-publishing.co.uk.

Tickets are also now on sale for The Licensing Awards 2014 event, which takes place in The Great Room in The Grosvenor House Hotel in London on Tuesday September 16th 2014 at which the winners of the 2014 awards will be announced. Over 1,200 retailers, licensees, licensees and industry suppliers will attend the event.

Tickets for The Licensing Awards 2014 event are available from Createvents Tel 01252 781178 or email clare@createvents.co.uk.

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