Zen Studios and Fox launch Alien vs. Pinball digital game pack

Zen Studios has teamed with Fox Digital Entertainment to develop a new digital pinball game series set in the Alien universe.

Aliens vs. Pinball is comprised of three distinct tables and challenges players to team up with the Colonial Marines as Ellen Ripley on a table insoired by the 1986 blockbuster movie Aliens.

Alternatively, players can take on the deadly Alien threat on the Sevastopol Space Station as Amanda Ripley in the Alien: Isolation pinball table or as a young Yautja warrior in Alien vs. Predator pinball.

‘Featuring characters from the hit film franchise including Ellen Ripley, Aliens vs. Pinball offers a dynamic interpretation of the terrifying atmosphere and white-knuckle situations that have made the Alien mythology one of the most popular, frightening and enduring franchises n science-fiction,’ read a statement from Zen Studios.

The Aliens vs. Pinball pack will be released on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PSN, Steam, Windows 10, Mac, iOS, Android and Amazon on April 26th this year.

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