Zodiak Kids announces rafts of sales for Zach and Quack

Zodiak Kids’ hit animation Zach and Quack has secured a number of new sales including deals across Latin America and the Middle East.

The new second series of the property for Nickelodeon has been sold to Discovery Kids Latin America, Thai PBS, Israel Educational TV, while free TV channel TV3 Catalunya has acquired series one and two.

Elsewhere, Central American broadcaster Canal Once has also picked up the show, while in Europe, Amazon Prime Germany, PlusPlus in Ukraine and ERR TV have acquired the show in Estonia.

In addition, Watchever also picked up the SVOD rights of the pre-school property for Germany, Austria and German speaking Switzerland.

Since the launch of the show, Zodiak Kids has licensed all the rights for Zack and Quack series one to WEKIDS Asia and I-Intellect for distribution in China and Malaysia.

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