The series has been picked up by networks across Europe, Latin America, Asia and the Middle East.

Zodiak Kids secures global deals for new series Lolirock

Zodiak Kids has secured a raft of international broadcast deals for its new children’s animated series, Lolirock.

Featuring magic, mystery and music, the new show has been developed in partnership with France Television and Disney Channel (France) and is set to premiere on France 3 this year.

The series has also been picked up by networks across Europe, Latin America, Asia and the Middle East.

Disney has signed the full Lolirock series for its platforms in France, Benelux, Spain, CEE, the Middle East and Turkey, while De Agostini Editore has acquired the 52 episodes for its Italian channel DeAKids.

Later next year, the series will air on Italy’s DTT free to air channel, Super.

Further sales include Globo Brazil, Noga Israel, MYV Ov in Finland and Canal Panda Portugal.

Meanwhile in Asia, the first 26 episodes have been sold to Ciwen, while Malaysian agent Solimac has licensed the first season to RTM.

In France, a licensing programme is already underway with Hachette on board for novels, activity books and comics, while Comansi wil develop figurines and Sahinler will develop textiles.

Aimed at six to 12 year olds, Lolirock follows the adventures of a teenage girl with a desire to help others and her two bandmates as they embark on a series of magical, mysterious and musical journeys.

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