Zoobe teams with Sanrio for Hello Kitty StoryGIFs

Zoobe Message Entertainment has secured a new partnershio with Sanrio GmbH to bring Hello Kitty to the social media landscape.

Under the new deal, the firm will create multiple digital products featuring the hit property in both 2D and 3D animation.

Earlier this month, the Berlin-based startup launched its “Hello Kitty StoryGIF app” on iMessage, Apple’s new messaging platform that includes stickers, apps and other features; hitting the Top 10 list almost immediately.

The app also launched on Android earlier this week, allowing millions of users to select from over 50 animations and a range of upcoming themes to create the text and unlimited customisable and socially shareable StoryGIFs featuring Helo Kitty and firneds.

“Hello Kitty’s continued global allure to fans of all ages is astounding,” said Zoobe CEO, Naz Amarchi- Cuevas. “These quick-text GIF stories are snack-sized treats that bring Hello Kitty to life in a whole new way. They connect the brand via emotion and humor through playful story-telling with the expressive animations.”

Zoobe’s next Sanrio StoryGIF apps are expected to feature Gudetama, Mr. Men & Little Miss and Chococat in the coming weeks. Each app will be followed by themed packs to further contribute to the story creation.

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