The seven jewellery lines are inspired by the characteristics of each of the Chrome Nations featured in the book.

Zor Creations to launch Red Harlequin jewellery line

Lisa Hryniewicz, agent for The Red Harlequin, has signed a licensing deal with Paris-based Zor Creations for a line of jewellery and accessories inspired by the brand.

It’s the first consumer product deal for The Red Harlequin, a publishing-based transmedia property created by Roberto Ricci.

Stephanie Lagier, founder of Zor Creations, will design a series of seven jewellery lines inspired by the characteristics of each of the Chrome Nations featured in The Red Harlequin books.

The products will span necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets, and accessories including jewelled hairbands, key chains and decorative objects.

The Black line will feature metals, obsidian and ebony in designs that suggest the armour of the Warrior Nation, while the Green line will feature elements from nature, flora and fauna, softer, more delicate designs suggesting an affinity with nature.

The full array of Red Harlequin jewellery will be available in-store and online this spring.

“The idea of a masked population, identified by their chrome, is a very original way to depict human nature,” said Lagier.

“This rich imaginative world got my senses going, challenging me to create jewellery that would graphically represent this world through the use of colour.”

Author Roberto Ricci added: "I am delighted that the first jewellery line for The Red Harlequin will be licensed by a quality manufacturer such as Zor Paris.

"Stephanie’s passion for her craft is visible in all her creations and it will undoubtedly make The Red Harlequin collection a one of a kind in the world of literary brands."

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